Kamis, 15 Desember 2011

Silence In Mortality

SILENCE IN MORTALITY (S.I.M) terbentuk disaat tak terduga. awalnya ABRAR (lead guitar)sepontan mengusulkan untuk membuat sebuah band kepada BUDI dan RADEN (bassis dan rhytem) disaat itu juga budi dan raden setuju untuk membentuk sebuah band dan kamipun membicarakan genre apa yang harus kita buat,sampai beberapa hari kami belum mendapatkan genre apa yang harus kita pakai. karena kami tidak memilikiVocalis dan Drumer lalu ABRAR BUDI dan RADEN memutuskan tidak memikirkan genre terlebih dahulu melainkan mencari kekurangan pada porsenil kita. beberapa saat kemudian Abrar mertemu dengan TAUFIK(Vocalis) dan mengajak taufik untuk bergabung untuk menjadi vocalis dsaat itu juga taufik menyetujuinya.tidak lama kemudian Taufik menghubungi Abrar dan menawarkan Drumer dan ahirnya taufik mengajak saabatnya MUCHLAS(Drumer) untuk bergabung dan menyempurnakan posisi porsenil.tidak lama beberapa hari kemudian ABRAR mengajak TAUFIK dan MUCHLAS bertemu membicarakan keseriusan mereka untuk bergabung.
dan keesokan harinya kami ber lima bertemu untuk membicarakan keseriusan kami masing masing untuk konsisten menjalani dan membuat sebuah band disaat itu juga kami berlima membicarakan untuk genre apa yang arus kami buat.dan belum juga menemukan genre apa yang harus kami buat.
dalam kebingungan Abrar mengajak untuk latihan perdana dan mencoba beberapa jenis music. dan pada ahirnya kami berlima memutuskan untuk mengambil jenis music ber genre SCREAMO.

Typical Voice

Initial formation of the band on 3 March 2011, originated from a bevy of children who have the same hobby in music and channeling our creativity (Raden Yusuf nayamenggala (Pure Vocals), Abrar hidayat (Lead Guitar) Hutomo Budi (Bass), Sharif Hidayatullah (drums). not only that we also wanted to enliven the music Indonesia. basically we have a musical path that is different. and then we tried another route which previously we had never lived, the negotiations are ripe we choose the path Melodic Punk.
of our journey. we have a fairly complicated problem, we have problems deciding vocalist for our band, to replace the previous singer (raden) for not fitting the type of sound that we play. until the ahirna we found someone willing to be lead singer of (Wienda Wulandari (NDA)). until now and until this moment.

Wienda Wulandari (NDA) (Pure Vocal)
http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home #! / nda.wulandari

Raden yusuf nayamenggala (Rhytm / Side Vocal)
http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home #! / radenyusufnayamenggala

Abrar hidayat (Lead Guitar)
http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home #! / insidefatamorgana

Hutomo Budi (Bass)
http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home #! / budi.jakun

Sharif Hidayatullah (Drum)
http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home #! / profile.php? id = 100000019903820

Cry Before Smiling

Kami terdiri dari anak-anak yang saling menyukai musik.awalnya kami hanya sekedar iseng, berkumpul dan suka shareing tentang musik satu sama lain akhirnya kami mempunyai ide untuk membuat sebuah band bergenre pop-punk ini, awalnya sangat sulit ingin menentukan nama yang cocok dan akhirnya ketemu juga CRY BEFORE SMILING
yang terdiri dari beberapa personil :
- Shufa Khoirunisha (nisa) as vokal , cewek yang selalu galau mikirin pacarnya dan kalo udah galau pasti selalu update status, dia suka frontalin orang tapi bakalan malu kalo di frontalin
- Muhammad Satria (satria) as lead guitar, cowok satu ini selalu bercita-cita agar rambutnya bisa lurus 'tapi kenyataannya lihat sendiri??' selalu kuatir sama sang pacar
- Bram Peterson (bram) as rythem guitar, cowok satu ini selalu jadi pelawak di CBS apalagi kalo udah ketawa 'ngebayanginnya ngakak'. dan dia ini adalah dedengkotnya di cbs #tetua kepala suku CBS
- Lydia Cahya Yuna (lydia) as bass, cewek satu ini selalu update status di facebook dengan selisih waktu 1 jam, dia yang punya ide awal untuk bentuk CBS ini.
- Adief Adlil Wafi (adief) as drummer, cowok satu ini selalu diem tapi menghanyutkan loh.. whoahaha
dan itulah keadaan para personil di CBS.
pokoknya keep support terus yah buat kita.. kawan-kawan
semoga sukses selalu buat band indie lainnya

Rabu, 14 Desember 2011

Dead With Falera

DEADwithFALERA formed in early 2010. At the beginning we formed carrying the flow of death metal screamo music. when it is our synth player "Angga" still serves as a guitarist. with as time passes, the flow we had turned into a post hardcore techno, and automatically create the formation of our band changed with the presence of "Dyan" in the position of Guitar 2 who succeeded "Angga" which is playing synth.
but not long run we changed formation again, with his resign "Dyan". and now we're back to the early formation. which differ only Position "Angga" which is used to Playing Guitar to play synth. and it seems to have fix DEADwithFALERA formations like this.
so, keep support ok:)

DEADwithFALERA formation

Vocal: Oja
Guitar: Kumank
Bass / Vocal : Bagas
Synth / Techno: Angga
Drums: Febby

let's say MOVING FASTER !!!

Last Kiss From Avelin

Last Kiss From Avelin adalah sebuah band indie asal kota Bandung yang mengusung genre musik Rock Screamo Post-Hardcore. Last Kiss From Avelin sediri beranggotakan 6 orang anak mudah yang berniat untuk berkarir di dunia musik.
Personil Last Kiss From Avelin :
Ijhrael Aswidin Noor - Vocal
Kautsar Patiwara - Synthesizer/ Vocal 2
Rian Candra Putra - Lead Guitar
Rezky Anjjar Praditya - Bass
Ghiovany Six - Guitar
Gerry Gustira - Drum 

Bless For Rest

Bless for rest is formed in middle of year 2010 at south bandung,west java,Indonesia,we are chess as vox,vhei as vox/guitars,febby as gutars,bojey as bass,abey as keys,ipang as drummer.after spend time to change our members,till we've found the greatest person to make the unique sounds and different music of other.our move with the philoshophy " D.I.Y " and attitude,spirit,solid also knowledge we were born to around of journey of this fuckin roots.bless for rest mix the genre metal with chaotic's touch that so hard to listen,faster beat,noise include of music and with the taste of screamo music from hardcore punk
we were planed to make newest E.P the tittle is " PRAY AND PLAY FOR CHAOTIC " will be release in last of this year with 2 single are SUICIDE IS NOT SOLUTION - DRAMATICAL OF COWBOY,4 new songs and 4 songs for bonus track ( acoustic version featuring with the greatest bands from bandung )
we hope we can be trendsetter movement of music chaos.


Bye Bye Bunny is a band that chooses Death Cartoon Symphonies for their genre. It was started at 2010 when Mr. Anggun (vocals) went out from his other band and decided to make something new with music. After he met Avian (lead guitars), Robby (guitars), Zani (bass) and Panda (drums) they started a new story. Because of the difference of their influences they made music collaborating death metal with cartoon symphonies just like their new single "Dirty Babble (Monsters Vs. Darkness)". Their first show was on 31st January at New Viersa Cafe. After that Robby and Zani went out from the band because of something he can't explain. Then Arie and Gar, a guitarist and bassist from a local band wished to join them. They decided to change their genre into Deathcore.

Now we have accomplish 3 songs:
1. Dirty Babble (Monsters Vs. Darkness)
2. Mystery of Misery (M.o.M)
3. The Murderer of Perseus (My Revenge)

Free Download Song BYEBYE BUNNY klik aja disini Download Song BYEBYE BUNNY


we are a group of teenagers who come from Bandung, with the following personnel Triska (vocals), jojoe (guitar 1), rivall (guitar 2), hendra (bass + vocals)

fall (drums) who want to devote our ability to play music, and brought the kind of music screamo / experimental. Amora means silence for silence for Amora.

 so we took this name because one of our personnel. broke up with his girlfriend at the time he could only quietly transfixed. we therefore name the band name of silence for Amora. we hope our music can be received well .

Free Download Song SILENCE FOR AMORA klik aja di sini Download Lagu SILENCE FOR AMORA


we are a group of teenagers who come from Bandung, with the following personnel Triska (vocals), jojoe (guitar 1), rivall (guitar 2), hendra (bass + vocals)

fall (drums) who want to devote our ability to play music, and brought the kind of music screamo / experimental. Amora means silence for silence for Amora.

 so we took this name because one of our personnel. broke up with his girlfriend at the time he could only quietly transfixed. we therefore name the band name of silence for Amora. we hope our music can be received well .

Free Download Song SILENCE FOR AMORA klik aja di sini Download Lagu SILENCE FOR AMORA


KILLED MY HONEY is a SCREAMO/POSTHARDCORE/METAL band that formed in early 2008 in Kediri - East Java - Indonesia.

Starting from the idea Rendra and danduk (RIP) to make a band with a genre of screamo, they began looking for personnel.

and the form was "the day after tommorow" (the name before I KILLED MY HONEY) with the formation Danduk(RIP) as Vocalist, Renda as Bassist, Venz as Guitarist, Adebk as Drummer.
because Adebk resigned from I KILLED MY HONEY to focus on another band that is "my friend project" then Aldo (Vasomortus guitarist) came forward to replace Adebk on drums. because I KILLED MY HONEY felt the lack of personnel, I KILLED MY HONEY recruit Zackill (Vasomortus Bassist) to become the second guitarist. This formation only lasted until mid-2010 because Danduk vocalist of I KILLED MY HONEY dead, and Aldo quit the band because he was busy with school. to fill the void vocalist. I KILLED MY HONEY recruit Dede and Bagooz to get into the squad, and to fill vacancy drummer, Adebk came back into the band. and this formation has survived until now!

solid formations:
-Dede as vocal-
-Bagooz as vocal-
-Zackill as guitarist-
-Venz as guitarist-
-Renda as bassist-
-Adebk as drummer-

Free Download Song I KILLED MY HONEY klik aja di sini Download Lagu I KILLED MY HONEY


Kami berasal dari kota tangerang, tepatnya di tangerang selatan
Band ini terbentuk pada tanggal 12 february 2011, yang terbentuk dari kumpulan remaja-remaja yang mencoba seni di bidang musik
awal mula band ini terdiri dari
-Momo (vocal clean,scream & growl)
-Yuma (lead and rytm guitar)
-Rangga (bass)
-Ibon (drum)
dan masih berjalan hingga saat ini...
sampai akhirnya kami mereqloth 1 personil
-Maul (lead guitar)
Nick band ini sering di bilang M.T.R
M.T.R bergenre alternatif screamo melodic,karna sebagian dari personil M.T.R menyukain genre melodic and screamo...
di M.T.R gak ada kata fans/sebagainya karna di M.T.R kita semua samakita bermusik dan kalian yang mendengarkan......thanks guys..!!


Jellyfish is a metalcore band from indonesia,makassar. {rooster from the east} was formed in begins of 2011 .
Why we take the name of the Jellyfish, because at first we all love to watch SpongeBob SquarePants, Jellyfish there are so ridiculous but butter Jelly very useful for residents bikini bottom. As well although we are very ridiculous in your eyes but we can offer the best for the city of Makassar, indonesia .

Free Download Song JELLYFISH klik aja disini Download Lagu JELLYFISH

Crow End Smilling

Crow End Smilling ini band dari blitar yg di gawangi dengan Ony , Tomy , , Khowor , Jhonood , Galih dengan genre Post Hardcore
namun kami walaupun dengan genre POST HARDCORE kami mencampurkan unsur GOTIC , ELECTRO , TRANCE.
jadi silahkan dengerin lagu kita kawan..

download lagu2 kita disini kawan : Second Not Moved! : http://www.mediafire.com/?uwy81bez6me80bw
Wake Up : http://www.mediafire.com/?5cer141h2o7g4d5


They have risen from nothing to greatness in little over a year. 2011 saw the boys from Bandung release their debut album 'Space Opera Ending' to an audience just begging for something slightly different, and the 6 Parisj Van Java lads delivered. 'Aneurisma' has done better than anyone could have hoped for.including, Revenge The Fate, ByeBye Bunny, Last Kiss From Avelin,Answer For Tomorrow,Dead With Falere,Bless For Rest,Brainhead,Break The Laws,Disgrace,Amrozy Terror,TRUTH MERCHANDISE,SCARE ARTWORK,Missing Friend, and many more friends !
Writing the next chapter in their lives. With a hectic year ahead of them Joyful Juliana look set to take the world by storm. If you didn't hear of them in 2010, 2011 is the year everyone will be talking about JOYFUL JULIANA .

Ending Without Story

Ending Without Story adalah sebuah group band asal Kota Kediri yang mengusung genre musik Modern Rock Experimental. Ending Without Story sendiri beranggotakan 5 orang anak muda yang berjiwa musik dan ingin menunjukan karya" mereka dengan genre yang telah diusung oleh mereka!!
formasi dari Ending Without Story yaitu :

Dyo As Screamer  
Arnos As Gitar
Brudien As Gitar
Andrew As Basis + Vocalis Clean 
Darma As Drummer